Health Issues pt. I

The mister had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism back in Dec. 26th, 2015.  He started to look very unhealthy several months prior.  I think he waited almost a year to finally see a doctor (he’s so  stubborn).  He lost so much weight that he looked like he was on drugs.  His eyes looked bulgy, and he did not look healthy at all.  He was always lethargic and didn’t have enough energy to do anything.  At nights he had the hardest time falling asleep.  His back was constantly itchy and he would get a rash on his hands, mostly around his knuckles.  He had tremors where he couldn’t keep his hands from shaking.

It was getting too much that it started to scare me, because I knew something was wrong.  But he was in such denial and kept insisting that he is fine and that there was nothing wrong with him.  Even his brother made a comment, but the mister just shrugged it off.  He also started to form a goiter (enlarged thyroid gland), but it wasn’t too noticeable.  After he was diagnosed, his doctor had him take medication for several months (almost 9 mos. to be exact) to try to heal his thyroid, which didn’t work.  I think because he waited too long.  Around the second week of November, he had his thyroid killed off via radioactive iodine, because his doctor said there were no improvements.  We were a bit disappointed with the news.  But like I said, I think he waited too long to see a doctor.

He is now on meds for the rest of his life.  It’s a good thing that those pills are inexpensive, unlike everything else.  He’s almost back to normal, which makes me glad coz I hated seeing him miserable and unhealthy.  I just wish he had listened to me and sought medical attention right away. His doc is slowly increasing the required dosage for his body.  He started in February with his new lifetime medication that will be taking place of his thyroid.  His next appointment is in a few weeks.  I’m just glad to see him back to his healthy state of mind and body.  What makes him happy is that he can finally go back to the gym again after taking a year off–per doctor’s order.