Parking jam & Swimming lessons

Spring semester is back in session at CSN. When I went there around 11 am, it took me about 30 minutes just driving around looking for a parking spot. It’s funny how at the beginning of every semester the parking lot is so full. But then after mid-semester there are enough parking spots for everyone and no one is fighting for one like how it is now.


I just registered the girls today to start swimming lessons next Saturday. They don’t know how to swim and it’s about time they learn. I have introduced them to swimming before. And I know they always had fun. When we used to live in an apartment back in 2010 (the time we moved back to Vegas), I would take them swimming as much as I could during the summer break. But, we didn’t live in that apartment for too long. We moved by the end of July (breaking our lease), back into our old house, when our tenants’ lease was up. So, yeah.

This swimming program that our local gym offers has good reviews. I want my girls to be strong swimmers and I want them to conquer their fears. So the only way to do it is to encourage them and build up their confidence. But not only that, I want them to be involved in some type of activity. And I don’t want them in floaties anymore either. It’s just once a week for 30 minutes. I’ll have them in it till they become pros. ^_^