Back to School

The kids, as well as myself, went back to school on the 29th of August. I still can’t believe that my oldest daughter is now a junior in high school. Seriously, where does the time go? I still remember carrying Desi as a baby while walking Arianna to school on her first day of Kindergarten. My babies are growing up. 2005 felt like it wasn’t really that long ago. Desi is now in the 6th grade, and middle school is all new to her. These kids sure know how to make me feel old.

When I was driving Desi to her new school, on her first day, we passed her old elementary school. She told me that she misses 5th grade and her 5th grade teacher, Mrs. B (who is now retired). Desi asked if I can take her to visit her 4th grade teacher Mrs. F soon and that she wished Mrs. B was still there. My baby girl cried on her last day of 5th grade. When she got in the car that day, she was trying very hard to hold back tears until I asked what was wrong. Her voice quivered and tears started trickling down her cheeks while she told me that she’s going to miss her teacher a lot.

Ever since Desi started school from day one—almost every single day—she did not hesitate to tell me how much she hated school. That changed when she was blessed with a nice and caring teacher in the 4th grade, who became her first favorite teacher. 5th grade was no different. Her fifth grade teacher became her new favorite teacher. Desi and her classmates were her teacher’s last class and the last day of school was also her very last day of teaching. Mrs. B is now retired after teaching for almost 30 years, so I’m sure it was a bittersweet moment.

Now that Desi is in middle school, she’s not exactly thrilled. She has mixed emotions. But I’m sure she will adjust in due time. She had a lot to say during her first week of middle school. Like how it is so over crowded that when she walks down the hall everyone is shoulder to shoulder, how she doesn’t really like having to walk from one classroom to the next, and how she couldn’t find any of her friends at the cafeteria because there are so many kids, and so on.

On a good note, she was happy to tell me that she opened her locker on her first day of school with no problems. Unfortunately, she is assigned to a bottom locker, which she wishes was at the top instead. Opening the locker was one of her main concerns, so I bought her a combination lock to practice with before school started. She caught on quick. I just wanted to help lessen her first day jitters. She also mentioned that she didn’t have a hard time finding her classes and that it was easier than she thought.

With Arianna, her first day of school was a good one because she came home with a big grin on her face. She was definitely happy to see her friends again, and what also made her happy was that she has some of her close friends in some of her classes. The only complaint Arianna has is that her school is also overcrowded. But other than that, she seems happy to be back in school.

All in all, the first week of school was a success.