12.07.2016: I went to speak to an advisor at NSC to go over the classes I would have to take with them before I can apply for the nursing program. I was planning on going to CSN first, but they wouldn’t accept ENG 101 (when I have already taken ENG 102 @ AU) and COM 101 because the school I went to for my associate’s degree a long time ago recently shut their doors. Anyway, credits from AU transferred to both schools with no problems. The semi good news was that the Deans at NSC accepted ENG 101, but not COM 101. What kind of sucks is that I have to take 5 more classes at NSC before I can apply to the nursing program. Oh well. I’m thinking about applying to UNLV, too. Since they both offer BSNs, I am still required to take more classes than at CSN. I’m still going to apply at CSN, even though they don’t see me as a resident because they want my $$.

12.15.2016: I found out one of my uncles (a family friend) died from a car accident. What makes me sad about it is that his life was taken away from reckless driving, under someone else’s hands. It was on a Saturday morning and it was his co-worker/friend who was behind the wheel and my uncle was seated in the passenger side, and it was just them two. I’m not sure whose fault it was, if it was the one my uncle was riding with or if it was the other driver, but speeding was the only factor. His co-worker/friend died at the scene from the impact of a head on collision and my uncle succumbed to his injuries two days later in a hospital. I remember him as my tickle monster. When I was about 10 years old, he used to tickle me ALL THE TIME and would not stop until I would scream that I am about to pee in my pants. He is the reason why my feet are so ticklish and why I don’t allow anyone to touch my feet or tickle me – ever. I will never forget him.

12.18-27.2016: The dreaded “in-laws” came to town with their negativity and drama in tow, as always. Every time the mister tells me that they are coming to visit, my anxiety and stress level sky rockets. They are the definition of toxic parents. I can feel the tension when they are here. I don’t understand why they just can’t be happy, stay happy, and just enjoy their time with us. Why can’t they just be cool and mellow? They always try to stay for at least two weeks when they come to visit, and that two weeks feel like forever. But two years ago, I told the mister to tell them just one week, but they still try to push for more days when they buy their plane tickets, which is understandable because round trip tickets from/to Louisville, KY-Las Vegas, NV is pricey.

But anyway, I don’t have a whole lot of nice things to say about them, so I’m not going to say much except that I’m not happy with them and I’m sick and tired of them ruining my holidays every single time. If it’s not his mom, it’s his dad. The good thing is that they will be moving to WA from KY very soon. That means the mister and the kids can go visit them (without me) instead of them coming here. The mister and the kids said that they can only handle 3 days max when they go visit for Thanksgiving, or whenever, but not Christmas though. I would rather have us go visit my parents and brothers or just have it be us only if we can’t afford to go to CO for Christmas. So, it all works out perfectly because I’m not ready to see the mister’s parents anytime soon.

12.31.2016: One of Ari’s best friends passed away from Cystic Fibrosis at 9:30 pm. Ari didn’t find out till the morning when she woke up. It was extremely sad. I think I felt my heart break for my daughter. Even my youngest cried because I think she felt her sister’s heart break too. She’s never lost anyone so close,so this was all new to her. After a week passed, she told me that it still hurts. All I could do was give her all the hugs she needed and to have her talk about all the good times they shared together. She finds comfort knowing that one day they will meet again and that her friend will always live in her heart.

That was how 2016 ended for me and my family. 2017 did not start out too great. But now that it is February, things are slowly getting better. I’m still not in a social mood, though. It feels like I’m in hibernation mode. I’ll come out when it’s spring and summer, like usual.