Creative Itch

For a while now, I’ve been having this itch with wanting to do something different with this website of mine.  There’s a creative side to me that is trying to crawl its way out. I just have this sudden urge where I feel like I need a creative outlet; someplace where I can just have some fun and show off a lighter side of me. I plan on having quite a few topics/categories sharing my personal fashion style and sharing beauty tips, and much more.

One of my online friends (thank you, Krisa!) made a few suggestions, and I thought to myself, “those are all good ideas,” which I think will be fun. But the thing is, do I have the time? I just need to figure something out, because I really do want to do something different and do something I haven’t done in a long time, like when I once created a subdomain where I talked about shopping and showed off my Target hauls, for instance. That was fun while it lasted.

I am thinking that maybe I should keep it separate from this site.  I already picked out a domain name, and I really do like the name and I’m glad it’s available. Maybe I’ll set a weekend aside and just do everything I need to do to set everything up.  The first thing I will do for sure is to buy the domain name, like maybe in a few days. And then from there, I will start brainstorming on how I will organize everything.  So, stay tuned.   I’ll have the link up once it’s ready.  It’ll be located on the sidebar. I’ll probably share it on my twitter, too.

P.S. Lots of changes are coming my way, and I will definitely keep this journal updated.