Time to Homeschool Desi

Unfortunately, we’re back at it again with Desiree’s health issue.  The first month of Desi’s school year went very well as far as her health is concerned. We were all happy that it started out great and we were hoping it would continue and things would go back to normal.  By mid-September, Desi started waking up complaining of stomach and chest pains again… just like last year.  All summer long she had no problems at all.  She has been eating the same things she is eating now. About every week since then she has been missing one or two days of school.  So far, she has missed 10 days altogether.  It’s starting to look like a repeat of last year.

The mister and I seriously think it has something to do with her waking up early in the morning that her digestive system ends up not functioning normally.  Antacids does not help.  Zantacs is a hit or miss.  We even tried CBD oil and that wasn’t much of a success either, but a rep at a cannabis store said that it has to build up in her system first.  After a week and a half of no improvements, I stopped her from taking the CBD oil.  The mister thinks she might need a stronger dosage.  We still have some meds left over from the last time she saw the doctor at the ER, so I’ll have her take that for 10 to 14 days like last time.

About a  couple of weeks ago, homeschooling my daughter came to mind. I feel that it is the best option we have right now. So, I started doing my research and found that Nevada offers a free online public school, which I like better.  There are two online schools I found.  I tried to enroll her in the first one, but the secretary emailed me back saying that they will have her start next semester, which we can’t wait that long for her to start. With that school, Desi would only have to attend their campus twice a week.  So, I found another one and they can have her start as soon as possible as long as I have her enrolled before the deadline, which is in mid-November.

Well, I submitted everything they’ve asked for.   We showed proof that we live here in Las Vegas, NV. We sent them her immunization records.  That all checked out good.  The next step is the personalized placement courses. They asked for her most recent report card, which is the second semester of 7thgrade.  Luckily, I had that in one of my manila folders that contains important documents because almost of all our stuff is in storage, which I’ll explain later in another post.  Then they asked to see her 1stsemester report card of her 7thgrade year or an unofficial transcript, which I gave them the unofficial transcript because I was able to retrieve that from her school.

Now they want to see some coursework from 7thgrade.  Seriously?!  First of all, why would I keep all that stuff from last year?  I shred and recycle stuff like that.  I understand that they want to ensure that she is placed at the appropriate level of courses in order for her to succeed, but how about just have her take a placement test instead?!  I’m so annoyed right now.  I mean, I do like the fact that this school personalizes course placements for each of their students because each student is unique.  But now it feels like they’re making it difficult.  So I sent them an email explaining that I do not have any of her past coursework and that I was under the impression that all they needed was the most recent report card and an unofficial transcript, which I provided.  So now they want to tell me that the documents requested are incomplete? I might have to call them if I don’t hear anything in a couple of days and see if they can have Desi take a placement test. I really do want her to get started as soon as possible, and I understand that the process can take up to a few weeks before they can have her start.  But the sooner, the better.

Desi and I both agreed that this type of setting will be so much better for her.   She likes it because she can stay home and not worry about falling behind when she is not feeling well.  I did bring up the fact that she won’t see her friends at school as much, but her reply is that her health comes first.  I do like this setting better because I can be a lot more involved and see exactly what is being taught and how it’s being taught, and it will allow me to make sure she stays on top of things because I will be the one to set her schedule as well as be there when she has a hard time understanding a certain concept in whatever assignment she needs help with.  We both like it because the schedule is flexible as well.  We can’t wait to get started. So hopefully everything works out in our favor.