School Acceptance

Last Thursday was Desi’s official last day at her middle school, which ended up with the mister picking her up around noon because she was not feeling well enough to last for the remaining day. That day, after I left my school for a group meeting I had with some classmates, I bought her a desktop that was on sale at Office Depot. She got her desk all set up and organized and ready for her to start the next day. Last Friday was her official first day at her new online/homeschool with orientation and getting the feel of how everything works. She has her teachers for each subject, just like regular school, who have set up their virtual classrooms with a list of assignments for each unit encompassing the entire first semester where she can click on the links and start working. School work is flexible, allowing Desi to work at her own pace. Also, every week she has to call her homeroom teacher to check in.

Her teachers offer live lessons on specific days and time with an option of recordings for students who missed the lessons or to those who would like to re-watch the recordings. My role/title is a Learning Coach. My job is to make sure that Desi is comprehending everything that is being taught and that she stays on track. So, I guess I’m like a teacher’s assistant. I’m there when she needs extra help. When she logs in, she has a list of assignments to do where she can check it off as she completes them for the day/week.

Everything is set up where I have my own account linked to hers. One of my responsibilities as a Learning Coach is to mark her assignments complete when I go in to check to see if she has completed her assignments, as well as to record her attendance by inputting how many hours she spent for each class. I can also monitor/view her grades, which is what I really like because I can see exactly what subject/topic she is struggling with. Thus, allowing me to give her extra attention that she needs in order for her to grasp a certain concept.

I created a test schedule for Desi, just to see if it works for her and if it aligns with her teachers’ goals for the day/week. If not, then I will have to adjust accordingly. Mondays and Wednesdays are set for Pre-Algebra, Social Studies, and Health/P.E. Tuesdays and Thursdays are set for English, Science, and Art. I want her to spend at least one hour and 30 minutes (with an additional 30 minutes if need be) for every class with a 30-minute break in between classes. She starts at 9:00 am and her day is over at 2:30/3:00 pm. I didn’t schedule a specific class on Fridays. Fridays are dedicated for any catch-up work and/or study sessions for each class that she might need extra help in. If she’s all caught up and everything is good, then it’s a free day or a half-day. Fridays will be set for doctor appointments and such. I might even squeeze in piano/dance lessons on Fridays too. I dunno, we’ll see.

We are looking forward to a good semester. Right now, she is taking a Longitudinal Evaluation of Academic Progress (LEAP) assessment to see where she stands in Math and English/Language Arts. This will allow me and her teachers to monitor her progress throughout the school year. I really like how everything is set up with this online school and how organized it is. So far, I am impressed.

Next semester, might be a challenge, though. I have been accepted to start the nursing (part-time) program for the following spring semester! I’ll write more about it in the next post.