SoN: On Hold

I am no longer in the nursing program.  It has nothing to do with school in particular. I had all B’s before deciding to do what I had to do.  Remember how I mentioned that Desi is attending an online school due to her health issues?  Well, she is struggling in school and taking three classes was such a heavy workload for me that I was unable to give Desi the attention she required, most especially in math.

When Desi does not feel well it is hard for me to concentrate and focus on my studies because this is when she needs my support the most. I spoke with my nursing adviser before I decided to put my studies on hold, and she, too, agreed that I need to focus on Desi.  I have to make sure that I put everything in order before I come back to the SoN because I cannot drop out again.  That will not be a good look.

Withdrawing was not an easy decision to make because I worked so hard to get to this point, but I had a feeling that this might happen.  Desi and I are still new to the arena of homeschooling, but we will find our rhythm. A few weeks ago, Desi’s homeroom teacher called to let us know that he got an alert that Desi is at risk for not passing 8thgrade. We told him that we are working hard to make sure she passes.  I’m training her to be more of an independent learner and prepping her for the 9thgrade year.

The plan is to go back to the SoN next year for the Spring semester.  My adviser reassured me that it is guaranteed that I will get accepted again. In the meantime, I will keep studying.  I have everything I need to make sure my first semester back will be a breeze.  Even though I have to put things on hold, I still thank God for everything.