Concerning His Health

Back in December of 2015, the hubster found out that he was suffering from hyperthyroidism, which is what his doctor diagnosed him with after they ran several tests on him.  His doctor had him on a medication to help heal his thyroid, which he was on for about nine months.  When that didn’t work, his thyroid had to be “killed off” via radioactive iodine.  And then the doc prescribed him a thyroid replacement medication, which he has to take for the rest of his life.  Every three to six months, he is required to see his doctor. And every time he went to his appointments, the doc would change the dosage because his thyroid hormones were still abnormally high–this went on for quite some time.

About over a year ago, the hubster had to stop taking the medication in order to let it clear out of his system so that his doc can determine what is going on.  He was warned that there is a chance that the radioactive iodine did not kill off his thyroid and most likely he will have to repeat the same procedure, which sucked because he had to isolate himself in a room for about 5 days and I had to make sure his meals had no iodine in it whatsoever.  Anyway, the hubster went to see his doctor last week. Based on the report from his blood test, the doctor told him that his thyroid is still functioning.  It was never killed off by the radioactive iodine.  Instead, the excessT3 and T4 hormones were killed off.

But even though his thyroid is back to normal, it is slightly hyper.  But it’s not enough to worry.  They are going to keep an eye on it and we’re going to keep on praying that he remains healthy.  For the past year, the mister seemed like himself.  I even mentioned to him that what if he no longer needs his prescription? The hubster didn’t think that would be possible.  But the doctor did mention a while back that there is a 1% chance that the radioactive iodine didn’t work, but little did we know that the treatment did wonders.

Like I told my man, anything is possible.  I feel so relieved and grateful.  The hubster is truly blessed. I feel like we all are.  I guess we must be doing something right.  I can only thank God!