Summer Family Trip

*Don’t mind me, just going to rewind time a bit. I should have done this sooner, but it’s all good.*

We planned a family trip to visit my family in Colorado Springs around the end of July from Monday, the 22nd—Sunday, the 28th. We made a few stops on our way to the Springs. We stopped at a rest area at the border of Utah and Arizona and took pictures of the view there. We then stayed a night at Grand Junction, as always. Then the next day, we checked out Rifle Falls, CO. It was a straightforward hike, and it didn’t take long to reach the waterfalls. It was very refreshing.

The day after we arrived at the Springs, we went to take the girls to check out the Royal Gorge bridge, since my parents had to work. We had made plans to check out certain spots in Colorado and the Springs for the days we were there but end up canceling most of what we wanted to do. I wanted to check out the Great Sand Dunes until we realized it would take us 5 hours to get there and back. We also canceled another plan to check out the Cave of the Winds and Garden of the Gods–per Arianna’s request.

Unfortunately, we got a flat tire on our way back to my parents’ house from the Royal Gorge bridge, and our car spent the entire following day at the repair shop — mostly waiting on a replacement tire the shop didn’t have in stock. After that unfortunate endeavor, we decided to chill and relax for the remainder of our trip, since the drive back is about 12 to 14 hours.

Both Friday and Saturday, we just decided to hang out with the parentals, since my mom took the rest of the week off. We also spent a little bit of time with my nephew, which was the first time the girls and I met him in person. The weather was great, by the way. It was beautiful and fresh with some rain showers here and there. It was nice to get away for a bit and change up the scenery. I do miss the crisp, evening summer breeze back home and all the greenery.

Next summer, we plan on going back and checking out other spots in Colorado that we didn’t get to do the last time. Hopefully, next time, we’ll get the chance to check out the Great Sand Dunes and spend a day and night at Glenwood Springs before we head on over to Colorado Springs.