August Baby

Yes, that would be me. I have reached 40 on the 3rd of August — like it’s some kind of destination.

Now that I have been 40 for two months, I don’t feel “old.” I don’t know what I was expecting, though, but looking at myself in the mirror, I am happy with what I see. I seriously like this version of myself … maybe better than when I was in my twenties and/or thirties. I feel that I am a lot more knowledgeable and maybe wiser, too. I see the world differently in a very much more profound way. And I am a lot more protective of my energy.

I have noticed the subtle changes in my appearance. Thanks to constantly using anti-aging products since I was 19/20 (and using sunblock, being a nonsmoker, and hardly drinking alcoholic beverages) I hardly have any wrinkles, even when I smile… but I do have a slight nasofabial fold, or laugh line, which doesn’t really bother me much. My weight hasn’t changed much, either. I’m still on the naturally skinny side (skinny fat). I know I should be exercising more than 2 to 3x a week, though. I mean, I can work on losing this pooch, but who needs abs? Just a somewhat flat tummy with a little pooch will do. Also, I have several strands of white hair hidden, which is only visible when I lift the top layer of my hair out of the way. The only thing I don’t like is that my skin, especially my face, feels dryer. I guess it doesn’t help when I live in a desert.

On a serious note: The difference from now and my younger years is that I no longer have this expectation of where I should be at in my life by a certain age, or that I should be doing more. I am at peace with myself and I am content with how things are. A simple life = a happy life. I’ve set goals for myself, but it’s a lot more realistic. No more of that negative expectations I used to do. Anyway… I just wish I can see my family and friends more often but it’s hard being so far away. I don’t like seeing my parents getting older. And I know once I get back into the nursing program, I will be MIA again because I will be back to being a busy bee.

My goal for the year is to enjoy being 40 like it’s the new 20 (by being a homebody that I am, haha). Cheers!