About me

Mish. 39. INFJ. August baby. Sun in Leo/Moon in Sagittarius/Ascendant of Scorpio; Earth Goat. A proud mother of two girls. Born in the Philippines & spent most of my childhood there. Moved to CO at the age of 11 yrs. (and 10 mos.) old. Moved out of state at age 20 to Utah. Currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. Believes in God. I <3 my family & friends.

Broncos fan. <3’s music. A bookworm.  Follows the Golden Rule.  Nature lover. <3’s white, sandy beaches. Edumacated. Nursing student. A recovering Coca-Cola addict–seriously–even had major headaches for a couple of weeks from caffeine withdrawal. Inked twice: one big tribal butterfly on my back (2003) and a heart around a crescent moon (2005) near my right hip bone.

The Crew
The Mister. We’ve been together since we were both 19. We married at a very young age of 20. Though we have had our share of storms, we are still inseparable and continue to build and grow with each other.
Ari (18) & Desi (13) for short. My diamond and my pearl – signifies their birthstone. This pic was taken back in ’09. No matter how old they get, they will always be my babies. They are the opposite of each other, but yet alike in some ways. They are my heart & I can’t imagine life without them.